Having nursed at several veterinary practices, I have unfortunately been witness to many puppies having caught their mouths on the bars of their puppy play-pens. In many cases the puppies soft mouths and teeth are damaged, or the jaw becomes dislocated or may be fractured. This requires intricate and sophisticated surgery which is not only traumatic for such a young puppy, but also extremely costly for the breeder/owner, with fees in excess of £700 being commanded in most cases. These fees are undoubtedly higher when surgical intervention is required out of hours. Puppy Panel Safety Liners are therefore a cost effective way of providing peace of mind to breeders and owners alike, thereby ensuring that puppies are able to develop in a safe and hygienic environment whilst still being able to see the outside world around them.

Amy Sharp (Jomaroski Golden Retrievers)

 I remember my first litter and the worries that we have that everything is being done correctly. I thought we had everything covered and so potentially everything was safe. How wrong could I be. I was just in the next room preparing to go out for 30 minutes to the shops. The pups were 6 weeks old at that stage so basically once fed and cleaned and exercised all should sleep for a while. All of a sudden I heard this almighty screaming. I ran back in to the puppy room to find one puppy had his lower jaw clenched tightly around one bar of the puppy panels and his upper jaw tightly around the next bar to it. The other pups were piling in on top of him wondering what all the commotion was about. Trying to extricate him was a major problem because you are scared stiff that you will break his jaw. Thankfully I managed to do this without injury but was absolutely terrified that this could happen again. The worry was also that should I have gone out 5 minutes earlier I would probably have found him either with a broken jaw or even potentially he could have broken his neck. When I see this invention, plastic panels that are easily attached to my puppy panels, it gives me a great sense of relief that this event could never happen again. I also like the idea that they are so easily wiped down and therefore keeping the puppy area much cleaner than normally possible. Great invention!

Alison Harvey

Shebelta Golden Retrievers

I brought this product for my last litter and it worked brilliantly, it was such a relief not to have to worry about them getting caught in the bars, which I have previously had experience of. It had the added bonus of being easy to fit and much easier to clean too.

M. Tarsey




Puppy Panel Safety Liners