PPSL can now offer a made to measure kit which will provide safety for your puppies.  See through plastic sheets are attached internally to each panel – a simple, inexpensive, safe method to give you peace of mind.

How many breeders have experienced the horrendous noise of a young puppy getting their teeth/jaw stuck in the bars of a puppy panel? 

Complete set for Croft Freedom (3 panels including door) from £60 + P&P


Measure your own set and get a quote

Instructions for measuring puppy pens for your panels

Measurements should be provided in centimetres or millimetres.

Panels have a recess on the internal side - measure from A to B then deduct 0.5cm from this measurement to allow sheet to fit inside the recess. Then measure C to D no need to deduct anything from this.

Using the form below send us your measurements and we will send you a quote and you can then agree to order.

Extra liners sheets can be ordered at a later date if you increase the size of your puppy run.

Instructions for Dog Splash Wall Liners

Wall liners should be measured  carefully top and bottom as some walls can vary, don’t forget the required heights. You also need to consider piping and plug placement, contact via email or phone to discuss any areas that may require cutting out.

 Email here, with your measurements for a quote.

34cm 31cm 31cm 34cm 50cm 18cm 46.5cm 13cm Door Panel A B B B B A A A

Your measurements should be recorded like this:

 A to B x C to D x number of panels for example:

118cm x 34cm x 3

The door has three different sized pieces so record like this: 46.5cm x 13cm x 1, 50cm x 18cm x 1, 31cm x 34cm x 2




Puppy Panel Safety Liners